Swimming information

Private swimming lessons

Please read the following information regarding the swimming lessons and the payments. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

  • Swimming lessons are given for the A, B & C.
  • The lessons are 30 minutes: 25 minutes instruction, 5 minutes playing. During these last 5 minutes, you are welcome to come into the pool area to discuss the progress of your child and make the payment for the lesson.
  • The payments are made per lesson (please pay with exact amount). You may also prepay for a number of lessons.
  • Absences due to illness, vacations or other reasons, do not count as skipped lessons and payment is still due in full. This is also the case for lessons planned at The Otter and lessons during school vacations. Missed lessons cannot be taken at another time.
  • These are private lessons with only one or two children in each class. However, once the children can swim at a reasonable level, a third child may be included in the class.
  • Please sit at the table outside the pool area to watch your child during the lesson, and not in the pool area itself. This is out of consideration to the child because it can be distracting when the parent is so close by.
  • Also out of consideration for the child or children swimming, please don’t send your child into the pool area before the previous class is finished.
  • In order to help maintain a clean and tidy changing area, please use the lockers provided to store clothes and jackets and leave the changing room clean when you are done. Please also extend this consideration to the waiting area as well.
  • Because the swimming lessons take place in the hotel swimming pool, it has been agreed that hotel guests may also have access to the swimming area, even during lesson times. Although it very rarely happens, there may be the occasional circumstance when a hotel guest is swimming in the pool during the lesson.
  • Please also respect the quiet of the hotel and the other guests by not letting your child wander around the halls or ride alone in the elevator.