Private swimming lessons for adults

Private lessons for adults

Private swimming lessons in the Amsterdam areaWhen you think of swimming lessons, you would usually think of swimming lessons for children.
But adults can also benefit from swimming lessons, this goes for both beginning and advanced swimmers. Swimming lessons for adults can have many advantages. Examples of this are refreshing swimming techniques, swimming lessons for athletes and diminishing the fear of water.

Old swimming diploma vs new swimming diploma

Adults who received their A and B diplomas before 1998 have, in principle, learned the breaststroke and the backstroke but not necessarily the breast crawl or back crawl. Many parents see their children learning these techniques during their swimming lessons and would like to learn them as well.

Correction and improvement of swimming techniques

Even though most adults can swim sufficiently, many have not mastered the techniques completely. This is noticeable when trying to swim long Private swimming lessons for adultsdistances or swim at a quick speed. Rob’s swimming school can help you improve your swimming techniques, breathing techniques, and make your strokes more effective.

Swimming lessons for athletes

Experienced swimmers can also benefit from swimming lessons and advice from Rob’s swimming school. As it is essential for an athlete to continue to optimize and improve their swimming techniques, it is a common request to make their strokes and breathing more effective. Learning a relaxed and effective swimming technique allows the swimmer to swim the same distance and reach the same speed using less effort. Rob’s swim school has helped many triathletes improve their techniques.

Overcoming a fear of water

Although this may be a taboo subject for some people, there are still those who have a fear of water. This fear manifests in different ways and has a variety of causes. At Rob’s swimming school, there is room for each person’s own story. With a personal approach, you will learn how to deal with the element of water. The increase in self confidence will also have a significant impact for those who are fearful of deep water.