I took Jack to see Rob after seeing very little progress at the larger group that he attended.  He was 5 years old at the time.  From the first lesson I could see that Rob was an excellent swimming teacher, giving Jack extremely clear instructions that he could follow and applying focus to just one aspect of the swimming stroke at a time.  Jack loved the lesson and continued with Rob for 9 months, obtaining his A, B and C diploma along the way.  Taking lessons with Rob had 3 benefits for us.  Firstly, it cut down the time to reach his C diploma by around 12 months;  secondly it made Jack a much better swimmer - Rob's students have better technique and are more comfortable in the water than other children that I see and thirdly, it gave Jack a mental discipline and an approach to learning that he carries over to other areas of his life.

After such a positive experience with Jack, when I decided to improve my own technique I called Rob to see if he make some time for a one-off lesson.  True to form he identified some important factors that have made a big difference and given my swimming a big boost.  Rob has a eye for detail, a clear way of communicating and a real passion to see all his students improve - these qualities make him a great teacher of both children and adults.

Steven Lister,