Rob is an excellent swimming instructor whose passion for the sport and teaching is clearly evident. When my oldest son, Thijs still hadn't gotten his A diploma after 3 years of lessons at the local swimming pool, I contacted Rob. He listened with interest to my story. His first response was to ask whether my son still enjoyed swimming. Indeed, after such a protracted situation, he had grown to hate swimming and had already declared that once he finally achieved his A diploma, he never wanted to swim again. Rob showed his passion by  responding with urgency and inviting Thijs to come that same day to see what he needed help with. During that initial lesson Rob was able to assess the minor points that my son needed to improve. With Rob's encouragement and clear, child-friendly instruction, I saw the pleasure return to my son's face during that first lesson and within a couple of weeks he had his A diploma and wanted to go on for his B and C.

Naturally, I went directly to Rob for swimming lessons for my 2 younger children and they loved the lessons too.  I highly recommend Rob’s lessons to every parent that wants their child to learn how to swim well and enjoy it too.

Amie de Jeu,