My son Sem (then 5 ) was first in small private swimming groups . Unfortunately, at this private swimming groups , where I swim in the larger groups feared happened attention to children who could not swim so well and those who were able to do , had to wait . Also moving on to the next pool. This was my son Sem to the side hanging , waiting until he could get back on and went by little, the pleasure of swimming there from him while he found swimming really, really nice!

So decided to go to Rob , explained what the situation was and Sem could go to Rob ... After six lessons he had his A diploma! Now we are half a year further and Sem eventually continued swimming with Rob . He is now working on the dolphin diploma, survival swimming and he finds it totally awesome!!

His little brother Jim (3 years!) Is now also swimming with Rob  and going with a lot of fun to Rob , they have been saying "glow-worm" against him because during swimming lessons a great big smile ' on his face stated that does not go away!!

After each swimming lesson Jim asks ; ! Mommy can we go again tomorrow 🙂 Rob , the kids finds your great !Thanks for the pleasure of swimming that you give them!!

Ramona Jansen,